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This is something you will have to commit to. A matted Havanese is an unhappy Havanese!

Most people clip their dog off or send them to a groomer every 6-8 weeks. Though this doesn’t mean you get to skip coat care. They need a weekly brush out followed by a comb through. They also require regular nail trimming and pad trims, as they have fur that grows between their toes that can form painful knots.

Havanese are considered low dander or hypo-allergenic breed. Though some very sensitive people are still allergic to them. They don’t shed thus limiting the dander problem. Not shedding though does means quite a lot of coat care. A daily 10 minute comb through or a weekly hour on the table is required.

Remember with the Havanese, non-shedding does not mean no grooming or no maintenance. A clean and matt free dog is a happy and healthy dog. Regular brushing will maintain a healthy coat and a happier Havanese.