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About the Havanese

Havanese are amusing little clowns and make delightful companions for many people. Their beguiling personality brims with a mixture of clever and comic. Life with a Havanese can be amusing, jolly, and just downright fun! They are lovers and little entertainers wrapped up in a bundle of fur.

Even though the Havanese are small and considered a Toy breed, they are not meant to be tiny, fragile dogs. They may be small in stature but are muscular, and lively with great stamina. They are low energy, thoughtful, kind little dogs who are always ready to join in any and all family activities. They are excellent jumpers and very nimble; many succeed well at agility and other dog sports. Although the Havanese may excel in many pursuits, the breed is first and foremost a companion dog

Havanese are very much a family oriented dog and are never happier than when they are with their people – they do not do well when regularly left alone for long periods.

Raising and training can be a joyful bonding experience for both you and your Havanese. We recommend all dogs attend basic obedience classes as a puppy. As a breed they are active in agility, obedience and show. They excel at dancing with dogs and make excellent trick dogs. A well trained Havanese is a joy to live with. They are relatively quiet pets but can be quite active indoors and outdoors.

The Havanese is a sturdy, small, longhaired, drop-eared companion dog; 21-29cm tall (8.5-11.5 inches) covered with a long, ideally wavy, untrimmed coat. His plumed tail is carried over his back. He is an affectionate, happy dog with a lively springy gait. The Havanese have large dark almond shaped eyes with a gentle expression. The Havanese come in a great variety of colours, patterns and markings. This rainbow of colours is one aspect distinguishing the Havanese from his predominantly white cousins and adds to the beauty and charm of the breed