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Update on Pepper’s First Litter

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Pepper did us proud delivering 8 healthy puppies on March 3, 2018. A first time mum, she did a brilliant job of raising them.

We raise all our litters in the house, underfoot with us. They are exposed to all household noises and activities from an early age, this has paid off as they are very confident wee pups. The pups love playing with their big Auntie Gracie, a Bernese Mountain Dog.

The pups have been handled by multiple visitors from an early age. They were a special favourite of the neighbourhood kids who would come over and spend a couple of hours with them. We didn’t mind this impromptu babysitting 😉 As a birthday treat, Ethan asked to bring his friends over to meet the pups.

We are keeping two girls from this litter, Maggie and Sage. Both girls are lovely with Maggie being particularly flashy. One of the boys, Clooney, has gone to Auckland to Tango’s breeder and will be in his first show in June. And Frankie has headed down to Christchurch, again we hope to show him.


Pablo has gone to Mary in Ohau and is quickly learning the basic skills for obedience and agility mastering come, sit, and down in the first week. Riley is in a loving family home with Glenda, Bryan, and Freya who have be waiting for one of Pepper’s babies since they first met her 18 months prior. Also local is Seb who has gone to Bronwyn at Te Horo as a special mother’s day treat. We were particularly pleased when the whole family visited and showed such an amazing rapport and enthusiasm for the pups.

We currently are looking for the perfect home for Pink. She did have a home lined up but unfortunately personal circumstances intervened. She’s a real character, a confident and outgoing girl. We are really enjoying having her around.

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