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Welcome to Aare Havanese


Havanese are a small, friendly, gentle breed originally from Cuba.

The original low energy velcro dogs, they are easily trainable, loveable companions.

Maggie’s first litter – photos at 2 weeks old 

Maggie is doing amazing as a first time mum, we are delighted with how she is looking after both her puppies and herself. A good size litter of 7, all are doing well, growing like weeds, eyes are all open, and they are beginning to walk. We are loving the colours in this litter.

Maggie meets the law

Fun at this years National Dog Show 

We had a great time at this years National Dog Show in Blenheim with Maggie doing her bit

Islay goes Best of Breed at the National Dog Show 

Absolutely delighted with our stunning young girl going Best of Breed today at the National Dog Show in Blenheim at only 7 months old. She moved like a dream beating Maggie who took reserve of breed